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Will you marry me?

De Hoek Proposal |MCC Aviation | Helicopter Charter South Africa

Waking up on a Saturday morning to the peaceful sound of raindrops could bring a smile to almost anyone’s face… Just not when you have booked a helicopter, accommodation and a giant message on a field ready to propose to that special someone!

BUT as luck would have it, the rain only kept everyone on edge until 15:30 when the opportunity presented itself for ZS-RZG (spotless and always up for the most challenging jobs) to take to the sky with Keegan and Sian. Given that Keegan is friends with the pilot, Sian was led to believe that they were just tagging along for a flip for the first time.


De Hoek Proposal |MCC Aviation | Helicopter Charter South Africa
The Happy Couple

Upon flying over De Hoek Lodge in the Magaliesberg, Sian spotted the very large and well laid out letters simply reading out, “WILL YOU MARRY ME SIAN?”.  Immediately after reading the message we landed on the field in front of De Hoek.  Keegan disembarked from the helicopter with Sian and proposed on bent knee in front of a large audience watching from the Bistro.  After she said “YES!” they were welcomed with sparkling glasses of French Champagne and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The afternoon and evening continued with high-tea, more Champagne, a delectable dinner for two and rose petals leading back to their room.  Thank you to De Hoek for accommodating such a special request and wishing Keegan and Sian all the best for their lives together.

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