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Tonight, I write this blog from the perfect setting.  While Terrence (“Ted”) and Mike are sitting up front, just behind that huge big fan purring away at 1900 RPM, I am sitting cosy in the tail with enough space for a prince… Of course if it weren’t for the two 205 Gallon ferry tanks between me and them, it’d be space enough for a king.

It’s a dark night, the air is glass and as I look out of the window, I can see Orion and his loyal dogs quartering behind us as he pursues Taurus over the Western horizon, starlight reflecting on the scattered clouds below.  Either this Caravan is awfully small or this green blue planet we live on is awfully large.  Seeing as we’ve already established that this Caravan is not that small at all, I guess we can only conclude that we live on an awfully large planet.  As I’m contemplating this, I see a meteor streaking past my window and all of a sudden I think about the “pale blue dot” photographed by Voyager 1 on February 14, 1990 from a record 6 billion kilometres away from earth… Perhaps our beautiful Earth is not as awfully large in retrospect.
Pale Blue Dot | Earth | Ferry | C208EX | Fixed Wing Charter
The Pale Blue Dot
It’s all a question of perspective and there really is nothing like crossing The Atlantic Ocean at 175kts to humble a person.  To borrow a quote, “It’s thoughtful on our journeys, I think, to acknowledge those angels who take a minute to shield us with their wings.  If I were an angel, I’d appreciate that.” – Richard Bach, Travels with Puff.  I certainly do feel a little less than significant crossing this wide blue ocean.
Sunrise | 13000ft | Ferry | Trans Atlantic | Fixed Wing Charter
Sunrise from 13000ft
This is an exceptional privilege for us!  One we don’t take for granted and one we’ll reflect on for years to come.  We’re excited at the prospects of this incredibly versatile and capable aircraft for MCC Aviation, and I have it on first hand experience and know with certainty now, that our clients and passengers are going to love their adventures with us in this beautiful aeroplane, no matter where their journey may take them.

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