How Does Charter Work?

The need for air charter arose in response to travel requirements from corporate executives and tour group operators on routes where traditional, scheduled airlines services were not available.

Here are some frequently asked questions about air charter and how it works:

Is charter more expensive than buying an airline ticket?

With air charter, you essentially book the entire aircraft, not just a seat. By default, that means that the cost per flight is significantly more, BUT when operating larger charter aircraft for groups, the cost of a charter ticket can be the same as a traditional airline ticket.

Within reason, yes. As long as the destination’s airstrip complies with the requirements to safely land and depart the aircraft again, we are able to land at any destination of your choice.

Within reason, yes. Certain airports have cut off times as they do not have facilities for night flying, but if suitable facilities exist, we are able to depart and land at any time of the day or night.

Within reason, yes. There are certain items, labelled “dangerous goods” which by law, cannot be carried on board any aircraft, but special permits can be arranged to carry the necessary items as and when required.

We recommend that you arrive at the airport approximately 30 minutes before scheduled departure time on domestic flights. For international flights it is recommended that you arrive at the airport 1 hour before departure as clearing customs and immigration takes a bit of time.

Since the entire airplane will be used for you and your party, luggage will depend on the amount of passengers on board and / or their total weights. Usually 15kg per person can be carried aboard each.

Yes. MCC Aviation has an unparalleled commitment to passenger safety, and we will provide safety and maintenance records for the aircraft you choose, as well as supply insurance coverage of the charter operator.

As long as the cargo, intention and location are legal 

We can take you anywhere you want

At any time of the day

For as long as you require to be there for

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