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C208EX Ferry Flight – Ready… Steady… Go!

Cessna C208EX | Caravan | Fixed Wing Charter | Ferry Flight | Atlantic Ocean

My 20 month young daughter loves to play this game, “Ready…” – she takes marks, “Steady…” – she puts her bum in the air and gets set and “Go…” – she launches off at “breakneck” speed with a defined goal in mind.

Right now, Terrence Keevey and myself (Paul Henning) have a defined goal in mind and we are “READY”, last night we were even “STEADY” and now simply standing by for “GO” marking our imminent departure from Wichita Kansas in the USA to ferry MCC Aviation’s newest fixed wing acquisition home. This being a beautiful, out-of-the-box, Cessna C208EX (Caravan) with full Garmin G1000 avionics pack installed.

Garmin G1000 | Cessna C208EX | Fixed Wing Charter | Trans Atlantic | Ferry Flight
G1000 in the C208EX

We arrived in Wichita just over three weeks ago, bound for Flight Safety to conduct our initial Caravan training and G1000 integration. Flight Safety’s facilities, instructors and standard of training has been exceptionally impressive. We’ve gained valuable knowledge and practical experience on the C208EX and in fact way beyond and are now chomping at the bit to fly our own aircraft.

Trans Atlantic | Cessna C208 |Fixed Wing Charter | Epic Adventure
Planned Routing

Of course, a trip of this nature requires and enormous amount of planning and preparation and at this time of year, patience. There have been several severe cold fronts passing over the USA over the past couple of weeks, not to mention some of the most unusual and unpredictable Low pressure systems over the North Atlantic. The Caravan has no de-icing or anti-icing equipment and it is therefore imperative that we choose our window carefully. We are fortunately in the very capable hands of Aviation Dynamix who have planned our entire trip, installed the ferry tanks and HF radio and are sending an experienced ferry pilot with us on this epic journey.

Ferry Tanks |Cessna C208EX | Trans Atlantic | Fixed Wing Charter | Epic Adventure
Ferry Tanks

We were due to depart this morning at 12:00z (06:00 local here) but unfortunately we’ve been delayed by weather which hasn’t moved off the coast as soon as we had anticipated it would. Keep your eyes peeled for the “GO” and more news on our ferry. I will attempt at every given opportunity to update this blog page with our progress and experiences along the way.

4 thoughts on “C208EX Ferry Flight – Ready… Steady… Go!

  1. It was really an honour n a privilege to be part of the team during Training.My interaction with you throughout the training,gave me a chance in a life time and an opportunity to rub shoulders with such a professional team ,so dedicated ,well informed.above all,the passion you have with everything that you do is incredible.
    You set the bar high,n the flags were high up,both for the Nation South Africa and the Company.highlighting the most important goal of the aviation industry which is “SAFETY”.
    Safe skies on the ferry flight to Home .

    1. Thank you Roman!! Very complimentary of you, we enjoyed your company equally as much and wish you all the very best with your flying in Uganda! Perhaps we will cross paths again somewhere on the African continent.

    1. Thank you Roman! Indeed, we have discovered that she is an incredibly capable aircraft. It is an absolute privilege flying a new aeroplane and we will take utmost care!

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