Aircraft Management & Leasing

Aircraft Management

In-House Ground Staff
Licensed Engineers
24 Hour Operational Department

MCC Aviation is perfectly positioned to offer aircraft owners a one stop aircraft management solution. Aircraft management options extend to the inclusion of the asset in our charter fleet for utilization, as a source of income generation for the owner. A custom package which would best support the aircraft owner will be developed.

Aircraft Leasing

MCC Aviation is proud to be one of the premier aircraft leasing companies in South Africa

Leasing an aircraft can be an alternative to outright purchase for a variety of reasons ranging from task specific practicality, to cash flow. There are a wide variety of leasing options available, each with specific advantages and disadvantages. In general terms, a lease is a transfer of an aircraft without transfer of title. The owner of the aircraft, or lessor, retains legal title to the aircraft, but transfers possession of the aircraft to the lessee.

MCC Aviation has various aircraft on offer for leasing purposes, with or without crew. Engineers and maintenance support infrastructure are also available. Packages can be developed based on individual requirements, locally or on a cross border basis, on short or long term contracts.

Aircraft Lease Options

All of the aircraft in our fleet are available for leasing

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